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Hunger 2 Hope

Olive Branch Elementary

Food Drive


Hunger 2 Hope exists to provide for families in need by offering the basic necessities of food in backpacks each weekend during the school year.


Our classes are having a contest to see which classes can bring the most of the following foods. Teachers will be rewarding children in their classes for participation.


Monday, April 3                               Tuesday, April 4                               Wednesday, April 5

Spaghetti O’s                                     Raisins  or Dried Fruit                     Individually packaged Cups of Cereal

Beef-a-Roni                                       Canned Fruit                                      Peanut Butter/Cheese Crackers

Soups                                                    Small Canned Ham                         Jell-O or Pudding Cups

Peanut Butter                                   Tuna in Pouch or Can                     Individual Juices/Juice Boxes



Thursday, April 6                              Friday, April 7
Mac and Cheese                              Chicken in Pouch or Can

Beans and Franks                             Granola/Cereal Bars

Fruit Cups                                           Pop Tarts

Individual Snack Foods                 Individual Snack Foods