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Physical Education

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Welcome to PE!


Physical Education


I am so excited to see the returning OBES students and meet the new OBES students. I hope everyone has enjoyed summer vacation and is excited for a fantastic 2018-2019 school year.  It is very important that your child wears their sneakers as well as shorts under dresses and skirts on their PE day.  This helps to ensure their safety and allows them to fully participate in the planned activities.  Please refer to the list below to determine your child's PE day.


Discuss with your student what they learned each day/week in physical education class. Students are great teachers and can bring home many exercises, stretches, games or activities that can be practiced/played at home together.



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Activity Schedule




Monday: Freeman/Ford


Tuesday: Farr/Hayes/Hall(preschool)


Wednesday: Yates/Washington


Thursday: Wilson/Rawls


Friday: King/Cisneros/Brown


1st Grade 













Kindergarten Overview

In kindergarten, students are introduced to basic locomotor and non‐locomotor skills and concepts. Spatial awareness is also presented. Students are introduced to basic physical changes that occur as a result of physical activity. In addition, students learn to follow directions and interact positively with classmates, regardless of personal differences in a physical setting.



First Grade Overview

In first grade, the primary goal is for students to begin to master basic locomotor & non‐locomotor skills & concepts. Spatial awareness will continue to develop. Students are introduced to more physical changes that occur as a result of physical activity. In addition, there is an increased emphasis on following directions and interacting appropriately with classmates regardless of differences in a physical setting.