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Pigs Race at OBES
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Thursday, December 15, 2016
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Pigs Race at Olive Branch Elementary


    Excitement ran high as brightly colored pigs inched toward the finish line at Olive Branch Elementary School.

    The students who participated in the race were the leaders in the PTO’s recent fundraiser with Great American Operations.

    “I like this pig race, because everyone wins,” said Principal Sunnie Barkley. 


    Every student earned multiple prizes including squishy balls, stuffed animals, brightly colored pencils and battery-powered pigs that walk and pause, walk and pause, some faster than others.


     When one pig would win, that pig was eliminated, and the next heat began. 

    The squeals of students cheering on the pigs built great enthusiasm, but when a student won a race, the decision about what to pick as a prize was tough.

    Most first place winners picked a brightly colored pig.  That way, they could take their piggy home and have it race other motorized toys until their heart was content.

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