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Mrs. Kerr`s Quistors 2017-2018  

Mrs. Kerr's Quistors 2017-2018


Please keep these pages in the blue folder so you can refer back to them throughout the school-year.

Our class web-site will be updated weekly with the Homework Page in case you misplace the one we send home each Monday.



~ $9.00 - classroom fee

~ $2.75 - student lunch

~ $1.25 - student breakfast



Reading/Language Arts Grade

70% mastery of skills

Students should read on or above level I by the end of first grade.

Math Grade

70% mastery of skills

~ Records will be kept on your child's class participation, completing classwork and completing homework.

~ Remind your child to always use neat handwriting.


Blue Folder

It is very important for you to check your child's folder every day. Each day you should initial the behavior chart and discuss behavior (whether it's good or bad) so they'll know that their parents and teachers are communicating. 

Every day take out any papers that have been checked (if they have a check mark, smiley face, stamp, sticker, etc. then your child has received credit for it) and keep them at home. If papers are marked incomplete, then your child must finish them at home and return them in the blue folder next day to receive credit.






Any notes that you send should be in the zipper pouch in the blue folder.

Money must also be in this zipper pouch. It must be labeled (classroom fee, lunch money, field trip, etc.) and if you send cash, it must be for the exact amount. Any money that is not labeled or any money that is not the exact amount will be returned to you in the zipper pouch.



The homework assignments are meant to give the students extra practice on the skills covered in class and to give the parents a chance to see how their child is progressing. Parents may need to work with their child to complete these assignments, but please do not do the assignments for your child. Homework assignments for the week will be on the Homework Page that comes home each Monday. Return completed homework assignments in the back pocket of the blue folder each Friday.



~ Our lunch time is 11:00 and you are welcome to come when you can. You may bring lunch for yourself and your child or you may order a tray (adult trays are $3.25). Just send us a note in the blue folder and let us know if you are getting trays or bringing lunches so our lunch count will be correct.



~ Please send a healthy, non-messy (sometimes we will be working while we are snacking) snack for your child each day. No candy is allowed for snack time. We will continue to bring extra snacks through Friday, August 11th for the students who do not have a snack.

~ Be sure to send a full water bottle for your child each day, we won't have time to fill water bottles at school (water is the only drink allowed during snack time). Water bottles with twist off tops (like most of the disposable ones) cannot be kept in the classroom because when they fall over they spill all over books and papers. Water bottles with the pop-up spouts may be kept in the classroom.




Student of the Week

~ Each Friday, we will draw names for a new "Student of the Week".

        ~ The "Student of the Week" may make a poster (send the poster to school on Monday morning of your child's week). Students may put photos, drawings, etc. on posters and write what some of their favorite things are, likes and interests, etc. The poster will be sent back home at the end of your child's week.

       ~ Your child may bring something each day to share with the class (picture albums, toys, books, etc.).


Activity Schedule

Monday - P.E.

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Computer

Thursday - Music

Friday - Library



~ Everyday when your child enters the classroom, his fish will be on yellow (outstanding) on the conduct chart.

~ Excessive talking, playing, off task behaviors, etc. in class disturbs others while learning and will result in the following:

1st - fish moved to green (satisfactory), this is basically a warning

2nd - fish moved to blue (needs improvement)

3rd - fish moved to red (unacceptable)

4th - phone call to parent, pink slip from the office, etc.

~ Behavior that could be physically or emotionally harmful to others will not be tolerated. Bullying, profanity, fighting, stealing, etc. will automatically result in the student's fish being moved to red for classroom conduct and a visit to the Principal's Office where appropriate disciplinary action will be decided and taken (pink slip, in-school suspension, home suspension, corporal punishment).

 ~ Only those students who use their best behavior and follow the school/classroom rules throughout the week will be allowed to participate in special activities/rewards each Friday. As long as your child does not move his fish to blue more than once a week, he will earn a fun activity/reward on Friday. Moving his fish to red automatically dismisses your child from the special activity/reward on Friday. Students learn quickly that they must earn their rewards and that rewards will not be given to those with less than satisfactory behavior.

~ We believe that all students can and want to behave well in school. No one is perfect, so please don't expect your child to never move a fish. If your child is on yellow or green, that is great! If your child moves to green, we will remind him that he needs to get correct the behavior so he doesn't move to blue and that usually solves it. If your child moves to blue once or twice a month, don't worry too much - just talk to your child about the behavior and how it can be corrected. If your child moves to blue or red on a regular basis, please call the office to schedule a conference so we can work out a behavior plan to help your child improve in this area.


If You Need Us

~ To schedule a conference, call the office @ 662-895-2256. Our conference days are Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1:25. Be sure to call at least a day before you would like to have the conference.

~ Please remember that the best way to communicate with us is by sending a note in the blue folder. If you need to tell us something after your child is at school and you did not send a note in the blue folder, call the office if it is something we need to know that day. If it's something that can wait until the next day or so, you can email ( We check our email before the students get to the classroom in the morning and then the students are using the computers the rest of the day, so if you need to tell us something really important, please call the office and they will give us the message. 

~ We realize that situations may occur in which you will need to talk to us. If you call the office and you need to discuss something over the phone, they will give us the message and we will call you as soon as possible. Please understand that we can only return phone calls during your child's Activity Period or after school.


This is going to be a great year for your child! You will be so amazed and proud of how much your child is going to grow and learn. We are so excited to share this year with you!

Mrs. Kerr & Mrs. Sandie