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October 26-October 30:Fall/Halloween/Farm/Letter Ii-igloo
Due Date: 10/30/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Practice printing letters from memory: Ll  Oo  Gg  Hh  Tt  Pp  Aa  Nn  Mm  Ii  Ss  (they cannot be backward). 

Tuesday-If you would like to send or bring something for our Fall Party on Friday afternoon, please let us know ASAP. Thanks!  Practice blending and reading: spin  spit  splat  splint  split  spot  spots  stamp  still  stilt  stomp  stop  toss  as  has  his  is  fan  fast  fat  fig  fill  film  fin  fist  fit  flag  flap  flat  flint  flip  flop  fog  golf  if  lift  off  sift  sniff  soft  stiff  frog  frost  grant  grass  grill  grin  grip  grit  print  prop

Wednesday-Practice blending and reading words in the "ill" word family:  bill  chill  dill  drill  fill  frill  gill  grill  hill  mill  pill  sill  skill  still  thrill  will

Thursday-Practice counting to 55 by 1's, 2's' 5's, and 10's.  Work on writing numbers 0-10 from memory.

Friday-The children may dress as their favorite Fairy Tale or Storybook character.  NO MASKS.  Nothing scary or violent-PLEASE!  Happy Halloween!!!!