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September 4-7 Fairy Tales
Due Date: 9/10/2018
Subject: Kindergarten

Unit-Fairy Tales

Letter-Gg-goat  Hh-hat

Monday-Labor Day-No School!

Tuesday- Art Day!  Play the opposite game.  See how many pairs of opposites you can think of.  Make a list of 5 pairs.  Example- full/empty  happy/sad  hot/cold

Wednesday-  Computer Day- Read and write sight words daily: my, see, look, we, and, the, go, I, can, at, like, so, a, play, make, girl, boy.  Choose 3 and write a sentence with each.

Thursday-Music Day!  Play the rhyming game.  See how many pairs of rhyming words you can think of.  Make a list of 5 pairs.  Example:  log/hog  hat/cat  flea/tea

Friday-Library Day!  Draw and/or write about a new Fairy Tale you learned or heard this week.  Did you like it? Why or why not?

August 20-24/Nursury Rhymes/Ll-lion
Due Date: 8/27/2018
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-PE Day!  Wear tennis shoes   Can your child name the following shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval?

Tuesday-Art Day!   Can your child name numbers 0-5 and write 0-5 from memory?

Wednesday-Computer Day!  Can your child count sets of objects up to 5 and write the number that goes with each?

Thursday-Music Day    Can your child produce the sounds of the following letters: Ll, Oo, Gg?

Friday-Library Day!  Can your child print the following from memory: Ll, Oo, Gg?

August 13-17/Me and my friends
Due Date: 8/20/2018
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-PE Day.  Don't forget to wear socks and tennis shoes

Tuesday-Art Day.     Practice printing first name-only the first letter is capitalized. ex.Laura not LAURA

Wednesday-Computer Day.    Can your child tie his/her shoes?

Thursday-Music Day.   Can your child name each letter in his/her name? first, middle, and last

Friday-Library Day.    Practice counting to 10 by 1's, 2's, and 5's.  Practice printing 0-5

Policies and Procedures
Due Date: 8/10/2018
Subject: Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten

Monday-Remember to send a snack and water bottle everyday!  Check Communication Folder Daily and sign.

Tuesday-Class fee is $13.00

Wednesday-Today is the last day parents walk children to the classroom

Thursday-Ask your child the name of his/her teachers. " Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Linda"   Practice this!

Friday-Ask your child about one new friend they have made in kindergarten.  They love to talk about their day!

September 25-September 29 The Farm/Mm-monkey/Ii-igloo/Ss-snake
Due Date: 10/3/2017
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Write sight words two times each: boy  girl  a  my  see  the  play  make  like  go  an  I  we  at  can  so  look

Tuesday-Draw 1 red apple, draw 2 green apples, draw 3 green apples.  Which is greater?  Which is less?  How many apples all together?

Wednesday-Practice naming, printing, and producing the sound of the following letters:  Ll  Oo  Gg  Hh  Tt  Pp  Aa  Nn

Thursday-Read a story with your child. Talk about what happened at the beginning of the story, in the middle of the story, and at the end of the story.  Let them draw pictures illustrating.

Friday-Practice writing numbers 0-5 from memory.  Be sure none are backwards!  Practice counting to 35 by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's


September 18-22 Teddy Bears/Feelings and emotions Tt-tent
Due Date: 9/25/2017
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Work on reading, spelling, and writing sight words everyday:  a  an  at  boy  can  girl  go  I  like  look  make  my  play  see  so  the  we  *MAKE FLASHCARDS*

Tuesday-Practice naming, printing, and producing the sound of the following letters daily: Ll  Oo  Gg  Hh  Tt  Pp  Aa

        *separate the uppercase from lowercase

Wednesday-Read a story to/with your child.  Discuss what happened at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end.  Can they recall two key details about the text(story)?

Thursday-Practice counting to 30 by 1's,  by 2's,  by 5's,  and by 10's.  Review 2D shapes:  square  circle  triangle  rectangle  oval  diamond

Practice printing numbers 0-10

Friday-Practice blending and reading:  log  hog  got  hot  lot  tot  hop  pop  pot  top  at  gap  hat  lap  pat  tag  tap 

Due Date: 9/18/2017
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Pink and Purple Day!  Write and decorate the sight words: a  the  like  I  Use each in a sentence.

Tuesday-Review letters and sounds!

Wednesday-Plaid Day!  Write and decorate the sight words:  see  make  an  at  look.  Use each in a sentence.

Thursday-Polka Dots Day!  Practice blending and reading words in the "og" word family:  bog  cog  dog  fog  hog  jog  log  frog  clog

Friday-Pockets Day!  How many pockets can you wear?  Practice blending and reading words in the "ot" word family:  cot  dot  got  hot  jot  lot  not  pot  rot  tot

August 27-31/My Friends and Family/Nursery Rhymes/Oo-octopus Gg-goat
Due Date: 9/4/2017
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-PE Day-tennis shoes! Let your child name and show you the parts of a book-front cover, back cover and title page

Tuesday-Art Day- Can your child name the flat/2D shapes? circle  square  triangle  rectangle  oval  hexagon

Wednesday-Computer Day! Don't forget your Library Book!- Practice naming and printing from memory:  Ll  Oo  Gg  Hh  Tt


Thursday-Music Day!  Practice naming and printing numbers 0-5 from memory.


Friday-Library Day!  Wear Blue Today!



Policies and Procedures/Me and my friends/Letters in my name
Due Date: 8/14/2017
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-We go to Computer today.Breakfast starts today. The cost is  $1.25.  Please send the kindergarten fee ASAP.  It is $13.00-this includes t-shirt, weekly reader and paper.  Practice printing first name

Tuesday-We go to Music today. Please discuss the importance of sitting crisscross applesauce on the carpet.  They need to be encouraged to listen to and follow the direction of the teachers.

Wednesday-We go to Art today. Can your child tie his/her shoes?  If they can't, TEACH THEM!  Practice opening containers, packages, bottles, cartons, etc.

Thursday-We go to PE today.  Wear socks and tennis shoes. Ask your child to tell you about two new friends he/she has made at school.  Encourage descriptive language, complete sentences and details.

Friday-We go to the Library today. Ask your child about the playground rules. How many can they remember?  Ask your child what his/her favorite activity was this week.


Famous Americans
Due Date: 2/27/2017
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-  Practice reading:  be  he  me  so  flu  go  hi  no  we  she


Solve:  ___+9=10  ___+8=10  ___+5=10  ___+7=10  ___+4=10  ___+6=10  ___+3=10

Wednesday-   Count as high as you can!

Thursday-Friday-Practice blending and reading:  cod  desk  dog  drift  dab  did  doll  drill  dad  dig  dot  drip  damp  dim  draft  drop  den  dip  drag  drum  dent  disk  dress  dug

On the Pond
Due Date: 5/9/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Wednesday-Practice reading:  swine  time  tire  tribe  twine  vine  wide  wife  wipe  wire  wise  cube  cute  fume  fuse  mule  mute  rule  tube  use  eve  here  theme  these  bench  branch  bunch  champ  chant  chap  chase  chat  check  chess  chest  chick  chill  chime  chin  chip  choke  chop  chore  chose  crunch  inch  lunch  much  munch  pinch  punch  ranch  rich  such  winch  bee  beef  beep  beet  bleed  breed  creed  creep


Thursday and Friday-Practice counting to 165 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.  Practice addition and subtraction facts to 5.  How fast can you solve them?

Due Date: 5/2/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-We are going to the zoo tomorrow!

Tuesday-Zoo Field Trip!  Wear jeans, socks, and tennis shoes!  Please be on time to school-You don't want to get left.

Wednesday-Friday-Practice reading: robe  rode  role  rope  rose  scope  score  shone  shore  slope  smoke  snore  sore  spoke  stone  store  stove  stroke  those  throne  tone  tore  tote  vote  wore  wove  zone  come  bike  bite  crime  dime  dive  drive  file  fine  fire  five  glide  hide  hike  hire  hive  kite  life  like  lime  line  mile  mine  nine  pile  pine  pipe  pride  prize  quite  ripe  ride  rise  shine  side  size  slide  smile  spike  spine  strike  stripe 

Frogs in the Garden-long vowel/silent e
Due Date: 4/25/2016
Subject: Kindergarten


Tuesday-Friday-Practice reading: fate  gate  graze  flake gave hare  flame  gaze  hate  frame  grade  lake  game  grape  lame  lane  name  rare  late  pale  rate  made  pave  safe  make  plane  sale  male  plate  same  mane  quake  save  mate  rake  scale  scare  slate  take  scrape  slave  tale  shade  snake  tame  shake  spade  tape  shape  spare  trade  share  square  wade  shave  stare  wave  skate  state  bone  broke  drove  mole  close  froze  more  code  globe  nose  cone  hole  note  cope  home  poke  cove  hope  pole  dose  hose  pose  doze  joke quote

Reptiles in the garden
Due Date: 4/18/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Please work on sight words daily!  Students must be reading on an independent C level before being promoted to first grade.

Tuesday-Have you sent in money and permission slip for ZOO?

Wednesday-Please look for tadpoles to bring to school.  We want to watch them change and grow.

Thursday-Practice blending and reading: who  blaze  crane  ape  brake  crate  ate  brave  dare  babe  cake  date  bake  came  daze  bale  cane  drape  bare  cape  fade  base  care  fake  blade  case  fame  blame  cave  fare


Due Date: 4/11/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Kindergarten registration is today from 7-6 at the school.  If you know anybody that has a child who is starting kindergarten in August, please encourage them to register ASAP!

Tuesday-Have you returned your permission slip for the ZOO?  Don't forget about the zoo!  We need as many adults as possible!

Wednesday & Thursday-Practice reading:  who  book  hook  bloom  brook  look  boo  cook  shook  boom  foot  stood  boost  good  took  boot  hood  wood  booth  broom  hoop  proof  cool  hoot  roof  coop  loom  room  drool  loop  roost  droop  mood  root  food  moon  scoop  fool  noon  smooth  groom  pool  soon  spool  spoon  stool  stoop  swoop  too  tool  toot  tooth  troop  zoo  zoom

Friday-Practice counting to 145 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's

Due Date: 4/4/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Tuesday-Friday- Don't forget-The zoo trip is April 26th!  Practice blending and reading:  sock  struck  track  stack  stuck  trick  stick  tack  truck  stock  tick  tuck  wick  crush  fresh  two  dash  hush  ash  dish  rash  brush  fish  rush  cash  flash  shall  clash  flesh  shape  crash  flush  she  shed  shop  slash  shelf  shred  slush  shell  shrill  smash  shift  shrimp  splash  shin  shrub  swish  ship  shrug  trash  shock  shut  wish  when  than  that  the  them  then  this  with  they  bath  broth  cloth  fifth  froth  math  moth  path  thick  thin  thrill thump

Thursday-Picture Day!

Friday-Practice counting to 100 by ones and tens.  Practice counting on from a given number up to 100.  Practice writing numbers 0-20 from memory.

Due Date: 3/28/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Start working on fourth nine weeks high frequency words:  all   had   that   are   here   they   but   little   this   come   no   when   for   or   where   who   with   zero   one   two   three   four   five   six   seven   eight   nine   ten

Tuesday-Practice counting to 135 by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's

Wednesday-Don't forget to mark your calendar for Tuesday April 26th for the Zoo Field Trip

Thursday and Friday-Practice blending and reading: wind  was  quest  quill  quilt  quint  quit  quiz  squid  what  be  go  he  hi  me  no  so  we  my  back  black  block  brick  buck  click  crack  dock  clock  deck  duck  flick  jack  lack  flock  kick  lick  lock  luck  mock  neck  nick  pack  peck  pick  pluck  puck  rock  sack  quack  sick  slack  quick  slick  smack  rack  smock  snack

Dr. Seuss/St Patrick's Day
Due Date: 3/14/2016
Subject: Kindergarten


Monday-Friday- Practice blending and reading:  dump  dust  end  fad  fed  fled  fund  glad  gland  grand  had  hand  held  hid  kid  lad  land  led  lend  lid  mad  mend  mid  mud  nod  odd  pad  pod  pond  red  rid  rod  sad  sand  send  skid  sled  slid  sod  sped  stand  suds  trod  said  van  vast  vat  vent  vest  vet  have  jab  do  jam  jazz  jest  jet  job  jog  jot  jug  jump  just  box  fix  flex  ox  fax  flax  fox  six  mix  next  tax  text  love  swam  swell  swept  swift  swim  twig  twin  twist  wag  wax  web  well  went  west  wet  wig  will  wilt  win

North America and Dr. Seuss/ Qq
Due Date: 3/7/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday- Complete number bonds:  __ and __ make 5       

__ and __ make 5  __ and __ make 5  __ and __ make 5  __ and __ make 5  __ and __ make 5

Tuesday- Determine > < or =

4__7  6__6  2__0  10__10  9__5  7__8

Wednesday- How many Katy Dids have you sold?


Can your child name, produce sound and print from memory the following:  Yy  Dd  Vv  Jj  Xx  Ww  Qq

Friday- Count to 60 by 1's.  Count to 100 by 10's.  Count from a given number to 60.


Famous Americans/Xx-fox
Due Date: 2/22/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Have you sent in the Bowling Trip permission slip and $8.00?  If not-please do so ASAP!  We desperately need parents to go!

Tuesday-Friday: Practice blending and reading:  clap  cob  crisp  class  cop  crop  cliff  cost  cross  clip  crab  crust  club  craft  cub  clump  crib  cuff  cup  beg  elf  cut  bell  elk  fact  belt  fell  scab  bent  felt  scrap  best  get  scrub  crept  help  into  egg  hen  kept  met  sell  left  nest  sent  leg  net  set  less  pen  slept  let  pest  smell  melt  pet  spell  men  press step  mess  rest  tell  ten  yes  bed  test  yet  bend  one  you  bid  yak  ad  bit  yam  add  blend  yap  and  blond  yell  bad  brand  yelp  band  bud

Black History/Famous Americans/Valentine's Day/Jj-jar
Due Date: 2/15/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Don't forget to get your Valentine Cards!

Tuesday-Practice solving:  0+__=5  1+__=5  2+__=5  3+__=5  4+__=5  5+__=5

Wednesday-Practice solving:  5-0=__  4-0=__  3-0=__     2-0=__  1-0=__  5-1=__  4-1=__  3-1=__  2-1=__     


Thursday-Practice blending and reading:  sum  sun  trust  tub  tug  tusk  up  us  four  buzz  fizz  fuzz  zag  zap  zig  zip  act  cab  camp  can  cap  cast  cat  clam

Friday-  *Valentine Day Party-1:15pm in classroom*  If you would like to send or bring something for either celebration, let me know ASAP

Famous Americans and Black History/Letter Vv-vest
Due Date: 2/8/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Practice blending and reading:  bag  tag  gag  rag  wag  get  net  bet  let  met  lip  sip  dip  hip  nip  got  hot  cot  dot  not  fun  run  run  bun  pun  sun

Tuesday-Work on finding the missing addend:  1+__ =5  2+__ =5  5+__ =5  __+ 2=5  __+3=5  __+4=5

Wednesday-Practice solving subtraction problems:  4-2=__  5-4=__  3-3+__  2-1=__  4-0=__  5-3=__

Thursday-Can your child name, print, and produce the sound of the following letters:  Yy  Vv  Dd  Jj

Friday-Work on naming and writing the numbers 11-15 out of order.  Ask your child what a symbol is?


January 19-22/Martin Luther King Jr./Yy-yarn
Due Date: 1/25/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-No School!  King/Lee Day

Tuesday-Practice counting to 100 by 1's.  Practice counting to 100 by 10's.  Practice counting forward beginning from a number other than one.

Wednesday-Practice writing numbers from 0-20, representing a number of objects with a written numeral.  Does your child understand the relationship between numbers and quantities?  Place 8 socks on the floor.  Ask how many?  Add 1 more sock,  ask how many?  Are they having to recount starting with 1?  If so,  they still have not gotten the concept of 1 more

Friday-Practice counting out a certain number of objects.  Compare sets-Which has more?  fewer?  equal to?

January 25-29/Symbols and US Presidents/Dd-dog
Due Date: 1/22/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Compare two written numerals between one and ten.  >-greater than  5  2

Tuesday-Describe positions of objects using terms such as above, below, beside, in front of, next to, and behind.  Great game to play on a cold day!

Wednesday-Name shapes regardless of orientation or size:  square, triangle, circle, rectangle, diamond, and oval

Thursday-Identify shapes as flat or solid.  The flat shapes are those above and the solid shapes are cube, cylinder, cone, and sphere.

Friday-Practice blending and reading:  plug  plum  plump  plus  puff  pump  pup  rub  rug  run  rust  rut  skull  slug  slump  snug  strum  stuff  stump  stun  stunt

January 11-15/Winter in Our State-Mississippi/Ee-elephant
Due Date: 1/18/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Thursday-Practice blending and reading:  ask  silk  from  kin  skill bag  kit skim  ban  mask  skin  bass  milk  skip  bat  risk  task  bib  big  bliss brim bill  blob  brisk  bin blot  grab  bit  bob  lab  blast  boss  mob  blimp  brag  rib  slab  bust  gust  snob  but  hug  sob  fluff  hull  bluff  fun  hum  blunt  fuss  hump  buff  grub  hut  bug  gruff  lump  bulb  grump  muff  bulk  grunt  mug  bump  gulf  mumps  bun  gull  must  bunt  gulp  nun  bus  gum  nut

Friday-100th Day of School!  Practice counting to 100 by 1's,  2's,  5's,  and 10's.  Bring 100 items in a ziplock bag today.  Example:  toothpicks, pennies, q-tips, buttons-use your imagination!


January 4-8/Winter Weather in our town, Olive Branch/Zz-zebra
Due Date: 1/12/2016
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Many people like to celebrate on New Year's Eve by using noisemakers. Design a noisemaker from recycled materials and bring it to class. Start working on 3rd 9 weeks sight words:  of  from  you  have  love  what  be  and  into  said  do  was  me  by  up  down  out

Tuesday-Mittens come in pairs. Make a list of other things that come in pairs. Bring your list to class. Practice reading color words:  blue  red  yellow  green  orange  purple  black  brown  white  gray  pink  tan

Wednesday-What is your favorite soup in cold weather? List five of the ingredients in the soup. Practice counting to 90 by 1's,  2's,  5's,  and 10's.  Practice counting on from any given number.

Thursday-Draw a picture of a tree that doesn't lose its leaves in winter. What kind of tree is it? Practice writing numbers from memory: 0-20.  Practice matching numbers to sets of objects: 0-20

Friday-Put your hand near a window or a door in your house. Can you fill cold air coming in? Why? Practice blending and reading:  raft  rag  ram  ramp  ran  rap  rat  rig  rip  rim  rot  sprint  strap  strip  trap  trim  trip  trot

December 14-18/Christmas/Letter-Cc
Due Date: 12/21/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Remember-Practice blending and reading words in the "ock" word family:  block  clock  crock  dock  flock  frock  jock  knock  lock  mock  rock  shock  smock  sock  stock  o'clock  padlock  shamrock. This Friday 12-19 at 1:15, We will have our Christmas Party in the classroom.  If you would like to send or bring something, let me know ASAP.

Tuesday-Practice blending and reading words in the "ell" word family:  tell  well  bell  dwell  quell  smell  yell  cell  fell  sell  spell  dell  jell  shell  swell

Wednesday-Review sight words:  a  an  at  boy  can  girl  go  I  like  look  make  my  play  see  so  the  we  am  as  end  get  has  he  her  his  if  in  is  it  off  on  she  to  went-Read Write Spell!  Practice blending and reading words in the "eg" word family:  beg  Greg  keg  leg  Meg  peg  egg

Thursday-Practice blending and reading words in the "et" word family:  bet  fret  get  jet  let  met  net  pet  set  vet  wet  yet  forget

Friday-Christmas Party in classroom at 1:15-immediately following lunch!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

December 7-11/Christmas/Letter-Uu-umbrella
Due Date: 12/14/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Computer Day!

Tuesday-Our Christmas Party will be after lunch at 1:15 on Friday, December 18th.  If you would like to help, bring something or send something, please let us know as soon as possible. Thanks!

Wednesday-Review flat or plane shapes.  Review solid or 3D shapes.

Thursday-Count on from:

3 __ __ __ __ __ __

6 __ __ __ __ __ __

9 __ __ __ __ __ __

12 __ __ __ __ __ __

15 __ __ __ __ __ __

Friday-Solve addition problems:

2+2=__      0+3=__    4+1=__    1+1=__    1+0=__

3+2=__      1+4=__    2+3=__    0+2=__    1+3=__



November 30-December 4/Gingerbread Stories/Bb-balloon
Due Date: 12/7/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Go on a scavenger hunt around your house and find as many things as you can that begin with the letter /b/ sound. Bring them to school in a brown bag! Review letters and sounds:  Ll-lion Oo-octopus Gg-goat  Hh-hat  Tt-tent  Pp-pig  Rr-rabbit  Kk-kite  Bb-balloon  Aa-apple  Nn-nest  Mm-monkey  Ii-igloo  Ss-sun  Ff-fish.

Tuesday-Practice counting objects in various pictures by playing a counting game at: http://www.kindergarten-games/math-games/count-how-many.html


Wednesday-Field Trip to see Peter Pan.  Draw a big brown and/or big black bear. Give him or her a name. Label his or her body parts.  Make him or her look beautiful! Work on reading first semester sight words:  a an  at  boy  can  girl  am  as  end  get  has  he  go  I  like look  make  my  her  his  if  in  is  it  play  see  so  the  we  off  on  she  to  went

Thursday-Practice printing first and last name from memory.  Practice adding numbers 0-5 orally-see how quickly you can do this.

Friday-Practice printing the following letters from memory: Ll  Oo  Gg  Hh  Tt  Pp  Aa  Nn  Mm  Ii  Ss  Ff  Rr  Kk  Bb.  Read a good book!  Practice counting to 80 by 1's,  2's,  5's, and 10's. 

November 16-20/Thanksgiving/Kk-kite
Due Date: 11/23/2015
Subject: Kindergarten


Monday-Draw the people in your family.  Label each person.  Review each letter and sound:  Ll-lion  Oo-octopus  Gg-goat  Hh-hat  Tt-tent  Pp-pig  Aa-apple  Nn-nest  Mm-monkey  Ii-inch  Ss-sun  Ff-fish  Rr-rabbit  Kk-kite

Tuesday-Read, spell, and write sight words:  on  am  as  end  get  a  can  like  play  has  he  her  his  an  girl  look  see  if  in  is  it  at  go  make  so  off  she  to  went  boy   I  we  my  the.  Practice blending and reading words in the "um" word family:  bum  gum  hum  mum  rum  sum  chum  drum  glum  swum  scum  plum  slum  strum

Wednesday-Practice printing first and last name.  Practice blending and reading words in the "ump" word family:  bump  dump  hump  jump  lump  pump  chump  clump  frump  grump  plump  slump  stump  thump  trump

Thursday-Practice counting to 70 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.  Practice blending and reading words in the "un" word family: bun  fun  gun  nun  pun  run  stun  sun  shun  spun

Friday-Read a good book!  Practice blending and reading words in the "ung" word family: hung  lung  rung  sung  clung  slung  sprung  stung  strung  swung  wrung

November 9-13/Indians and Pilgrims/Rr-rabbit
Due Date: 11/16/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday- Draw a picture of an animal that starts with "r".  Label the picture.  Write a sentence telling about the animal.  What punctuation did you use?  Practice blending and reading words in the "ab" word family: cab  dab  jab  lab  nab  tab  blab  crab  drab  grab  scab  slab

Tuesday-Look for the sight words in a book.  Write them down as you find them.  How many times did you find each one?  Practice blending and reading words in the "ib" word family: bib  fib  jib  rib  crib  glib

Wednesday-Say your telephone number 3 times.  Write it once on paper.  Practice calling someone-use phone manners.  Be sure to press the numbers yourself.  Tell the special person your phone number(example: grandma) and have them call you back.  Practice blending and reading words in the "ob" word family: cob  fob  gob  job  knob  lob  mob  rob  sob  blob  glob  slob  snob

Thursday-Say your address 5 times-number, street, city, state, and zip code.  Copy it once onto paper.  Practice blending and reading words in the "ull" word family: cull  dull  gull  hull  lull  mull  skull  bull  full pull

Friday-Say your birthday 5 times-month, day, and yearof birth.  Write it once on paper.  Read a book.  What was it about?  Practice blending and reading words in the "ug" word family: bug  dug  hug  jug  lug  mug  pug  rug  tug  chug  drug  plug  shrug  slug  smug  snug  thug

November 2-6/Pets/Ff-fish
Due Date: 11/9/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Draw a picture of one of your friends.  What makes this person a good friend?  Describe your friend using adjectives.(desribing words) Does your child know where you work and what you do to make a living?  Talk with your child about your job and what your responsibilities are at work.

Tuesday-No school for students.  Staff development day.  VOTE

Wednesday-Write and decorate the following sight words: am  end  has  her  as  get  he  his  BE CREATIVE!  Review letters and sounds daily:  Ll-lion  Oo-octopus  Gg-goat  Hh-hat  Tt-tent  Pp-pig  Aa-apple  Nn-nest  Mm-monkey  Ii-inch  Ss-sun  Ff-fish

Thursday-Draw a vehicle and label its parts.  Bring to school to share.  Review sight words daily!  Use flashcards.  end  is  to  his  off  on  has  her  it  he  she  am  it  get  went  as  if

Friday-Practice counting to 60 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.  Write numbers 0-10.  Print first and last name.  Read a Book!

October 26-October 30:Fall/Halloween/Farm/Letter Ii-igloo
Due Date: 10/30/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Practice printing letters from memory: Ll  Oo  Gg  Hh  Tt  Pp  Aa  Nn  Mm  Ii  Ss  (they cannot be backward). 

Tuesday-If you would like to send or bring something for our Fall Party on Friday afternoon, please let us know ASAP. Thanks!  Practice blending and reading: spin  spit  splat  splint  split  spot  spots  stamp  still  stilt  stomp  stop  toss  as  has  his  is  fan  fast  fat  fig  fill  film  fin  fist  fit  flag  flap  flat  flint  flip  flop  fog  golf  if  lift  off  sift  sniff  soft  stiff  frog  frost  grant  grass  grill  grin  grip  grit  print  prop

Wednesday-Practice blending and reading words in the "ill" word family:  bill  chill  dill  drill  fill  frill  gill  grill  hill  mill  pill  sill  skill  still  thrill  will

Thursday-Practice counting to 55 by 1's, 2's' 5's, and 10's.  Work on writing numbers 0-10 from memory.

Friday-The children may dress as their favorite Fairy Tale or Storybook character.  NO MASKS.  Nothing scary or violent-PLEASE!  Happy Halloween!!!!


October 19-23/Fall/Letter Mm-monkey
Due Date: 10/26/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Begin reviewing and reading second nine weeks sight words:  off  am  as  end  get  has  he  her  his  if  in  is  it  on  she  to  went.  Practice blending and reading words in the "ig" word family:  big  dig  fig  gig  jig  mig  pig  rig  wig  zig  swig  twig.

Tuesday-Review two dimensional shapes:  circle  square  triangle  rectangle  oval  diamond  hexagon  octagon.  Practice blending and reading words in the "it" word family:  bit  fit  hit  kit  lit  pit  sit  wit  spit  split  skit.

Wednesday-Review three dimensional shapes:  sphere  cube  cylinder  cone.  Practice blending and reading words in the "ip" word family:  dip  hip  lip  nip  rip  sip  tip  zip  slip  snip  flip  skip.

Practice counting to 50 by 1's,  2's, 5's and 10's.  .

Thursday-Practice naming numbers 0-10 out of order.  Practice printing 0-10 from memory. Practice blending and reading words in the "in" word family:  bin  fin  kin  pin  sin  tin  win  spin  grin  chin  din  skin.

Friday-Practice counting sets of objects 0-10 touching one object per count-one to one correspondence.  Practice counting from any given number up to 20- example-you say 6 then the child says 7 8 9...  Practice blending and reading words in the "im" word family:  dim  him  Jim  Kim  rim  Tim  slim  trim  brim.

October13-16 Harvest/Fall/Apples/ Nn=nest
Due Date: 10/19/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-No School

Tuesday-Practice Blending and reading "an" words:  ban  can  fan  man  pan  ran  tan  van

Wednesday-Second Nine Weeks High Frequency Words:  am  as  end  get  has  he  her  his  if  in  is  it  off  on  she  to  went

Thursday-Can your child tell the difference between a fictional(make-believe) and non-fictional(did or could happen) story?  Discuss different stories.

Friday-Can your child tell you the difference between a poem (written in verse) and a storybook?  Practice counting to 50 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.

October 5-9/Farm /Aa-apple
Due Date: 10/12/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Practice blending and reading words in the "op" word family:  cop  crop  flop  hop  mop  pop  sop  stop  top.  These words rhyme!

Tuesday-Practice blending and reading words in the "at" word family:  bat  cat  fat  hat  mat  pat  rat  sat  vat.

Wednesday-Practice blending and reading words in the "an" word family:  ban  can  Dan  fan  man  Nan  pan  ran  tan  van  bran  plan.

Thursday-Write numbers to match sets:  0-5        *****___  @@@___  #___  &&&&___  %%___     ___    

Friday-Practice counting to 45 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.   Read a story with your child.  Discuss the illustrations (pictures).  How do they support the text(words)?

From Pond to Ocean
Due Date: 5/18/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Wednesday is our walk to town. Wear socks, tennis shoes, and black shorts.  Don't forget to bring your snack, water bottle, lunch and drink from home!

Friday we will be eating luch at 10:45!

Monday-Friday-Practice reading:  deed  deep  deer  eel  fee  feed  feel  feet  free  glee  greed  green  heel  keep  meet  need  peel  peep  peer  queen  reed  reel  screen  see  seed  seeds  seem  seen  sheep  sheet  sleep  sleet  speed  steel  street  tee  teen  teeth  three  tree  weed  week  weep  where  ark  arm  arms  art  bar  barb  bark  barn  car  card  carp  cart  charm  chart  dark  darn  dart  far  farm  hard  harm  harp  harsh  jar  lard  lark  march  mark  marsh  parch  park  part  scar  scarf  shark  sharp  smart  snarl  spark  star  starch  stars  start  tar  tart  yard  yarn  born  cord  cork  corn  for  ford  fork  form  fort  forth  horn  north  or  porch  pork  port  scorch  scorn  short  snort  sort  sport  stork  storm  thorn  torch  torn  worn  are  berth  clerk  fern

Homework-builds all year long.
Due Date: 1/26/2015
Subject: Kindergarten

Review letters and sounds daily:



















Practice reading words daily

I   a   at   the   like   go   we   my   look   see   can   an

so  make  play  boy  girl  am  as  end  get  has  he  her  his  if  in  is  it  off  on  she  to  went   


  Count to 90 by 1's,  2's,   5's   and  10's

November 24-26/Thanksgiving-Letter Review
Due Date: 12/1/2014
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Draw a picture of something you are thankful for.  Write a sentence or two telling about it and explaining why. Practice blending and reading words in the "unk" word family:  bunk  dunk  funk  hunk  slunk  junk  punk  sunk  chunk  spunk  flunk  plunk  shrunk  skunk  stunk  trunk

Tuesday-Practice counting to 75 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.  Practice printing numbers 0-10.

Wednesday-Friday-Thanksgiving Holidays-No School

Due Date: 5/23/2014
Subject: Kindergarten

Monday-Thursday-Practice reading:  her  herd  perch  perk  stern  term  terms  verb  after  banner  batter  better  bitter  blister  blubber  blunder  bluster  bonnet  border  bumper  butler  butter  buzzer  cactus  callus  cannot  carpet  chatter  classic  clatter  clipper  cluster  clutter  contact  contest  copper  corner  cutter  dinner  dresser  entire  expert  fabric  farmer  farmers  fender  flipper  fluster  former  foster  frantic  garden  garlic  garnish  garter  glitter  gossip  hammer  hamper  happen  harden  hermit  hiccup  hidden  hinder  hopper  hornet  index  inlet  insect  insects  inside  kitten  ladder  lantern  latter  letter  litter  mallet  manner  martin  master  matter  member  mister  mitten  muffin  napkin  number  nutmeg  object  offer  orbit  order  organ  pepper  perfect  person  picnic  plastic  potter  problem  puppet  rabbit  rubber  rubbish  rudder  scarlet  scatter  shatter  shelter  shutter  slender  soccer  stopper  suffix  supper  thunder  velvet  winter  silver  slipper  splinter  sudden  summer  tablet  traffic  western  sister  slumber  sputter  suffer  sunset  tender  under  winner

Friday-Practice counting to 180 by 1's,  2's,  5's,  and 10's