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Hey Friends,

We will be finishing up our PE activities next week. I will be posting videos to help everyone stay active this summer.  Remember you can access all of the previous videos any time you want to have a little fun! 

Keep moving,

Mrs. Boland

Mrs. Boland
Mrs. Heather Boland

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Welcome to PE!
Activity 9-Wake Up Exercises
Activity 8-5 Minute Dance Party
Activity 7-Captain America Workout
Activity 6-Yoga for Kids
Activity 5-Boom Chicka Boom
Activity 4-9 Minute workout for Kids
Activity 3-Take a Shake Break
Activity 2-Work out with the Avengers
Activity 1-Teach someone in your house the Git Up!

Git Up Tutorial


Git Up by Blanco Brown

Cross Country Clip Art

Hi Friends,

Welcome to our PE page!! I want you to know that I am missing your smiling faces!!  It is important that you stay active.  Please try and go outside to play when you can. When you can't get outside you can go do some of our favorite workouts.  Check out the links below.  Come back each week for some fun activities to get you up and moving while we are out of school. 

Keep moving,

Mrs. Boland 

Kindergarten Overview

In kindergarten, students are introduced to basic locomotor and non‐locomotor skills and concepts. Spatial awareness is also presented. Students are introduced to basic physical changes that occur as a result of physical activity. In addition, students learn to follow directions and interact positively with classmates, regardless of personal differences in a physical setting.


First Grade Overview

In first grade, the primary goal is for students to begin to master basic locomotor & non‐locomotor skills & concepts. Spatial awareness will continue to develop. Students are introduced to more physical changes that occur as a result of physical activity. In addition, there is an increased emphasis on following directions and interacting appropriately with classmates regardless of differences in a physical setting.